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Build Israel's
!1st Parkour center

"All a child needs is one adult to believe in him" ~ Rabi Shlomo Karlebach

and in our special case, the child is becoming adult.

Israeli Parkour community helped hundreds of children teens and adults

to grow, develop, move, express and face their daily challenges.

The Playground gym was the adult

believing in the community since 2016.

Hosting events without prizes,

competitions without medals

and slumber parties to guests and travelers

from all over the world!

Beliveing in the good our community can do,

if we are only given the chance!

now, it is time for the child to grow and do good in large scales!

spreading the spirit of Parkour - be strong to be useful

by giving all generations

the power and opportunity

to improve, to express

and face their challenges!

we are opening the 1st full scale parkour center

alongside classes, competitions and events, 

the center will use the power of the Parkour spirit

with programs including:

Parkour Therapy for PTSD patients.

Special classes for lone soliders.

Parkour Physical therapy for senior citizens.

Parkour Workshops for youth leadership and entrepreneurs.

Programs for aspiring parkour athletes.

Instructor and coaching qualifications.

"Sports are built with community and inclusion in mind,
its about making it accessible
to every age, gender
and starting point."

Benny Green, Head coach

7 People at parkour class in a gymnasium

The facility will undergo managment, structure and equipment improvments. making it equal to the great facilities around the world and accessible to everyone who can benefit the power and spirit of Parkour.

Aaron Sarfaty,
Parkour Israel CEO 

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